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Are you facing a traffic ticket in Spartanburg SC? While it may seem like a minor issue, the consequences of a traffic violation can be severe and long-lasting. From increased insurance rates to potential license suspension, a traffic ticket can have a significant impact on your life. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side.

At Sentinel Law Firm, we understand the stress and uncertainty that comes with a traffic ticket. That’s why we offer dedicated and aggressive representation to help protect your rights and minimize the consequences of your violation. Our attorneys are here to help handle a variety of traffic violations, including speeding, reckless driving, and DUI.

Traffic Ticket - Spartanburg South Carolina

One of the most important reasons to hire an attorney for a traffic ticket is to help you avoid points on your license. Points can accumulate quickly and can lead to license suspension or revocation.

Insurance companies use the point system to determine your risk as a driver. The more points you have, the higher your rates will be. This can add up to hundreds of dollars per year in increased insurance costs. Insurance companies use traffic violations as a way to raise your rates, sometimes by hundreds of dollars per year. An attorney can help handle the ticket and potentially have the charges reduced or dismissed, which can help you avoid a costly increase to insurance rates.

If a driver in South Carolina acquires 12-15 points, this results in an automatic suspension of their license for 3 months. At 16-17 points, this increases to a 4-month suspension. At 18-19 points, it increases again to 5 months. At 20 points or more, the suspension becomes 6 months.

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Traffic Tickets

Sentinel Law Firm is dedicated to providing legal services to those who have received traffic tickets. Our team of attorneys understands the need for justice when it comes to traffic violations and are committed to fighting for our clients’ rights. We take a personalized approach to each case, developing a tailored strategy that will get our clients the best possible outcome. Our team works diligently and efficiently to provide our clients with the representation they need, offering strategic advice and litigation if necessary. We strive to use every available resource to ensure that our clients receive justice and their tickets are handled properly.  

Speeding Tickets

Whether you were issued a speeding ticket for going too fast or for not following traffic laws, our attorneys are here to provide the legal advice and representation that you need. Our attorneys can help identify potential defenses, negotiate with prosecutors, and review any evidence against you. We strive to ensure that every client receives the best possible defense in order to minimize penalties or have your case dismissed entirely. With our extensive knowledge of local laws and regulations, we will work hard to ensure your rights are fully protected and help mitigate the consequences of a speeding ticket. We understand that no one wants to deal with the stress of a traffic violation, but having the right legal representation can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.